Four Roses Fudge Brownies

Who would have thought that bourbon and chocolate would make for an incredible pairing?

I had never experimented with adding bourbon to any of my baking (the closest I’ve gotten is adding cognac or brandy to my tiramisu filling…which is as luxurious as it sounds), so when Four Roses Bourbon reached out about trying their fudge brownie recipe, I was thrilled, curious, and unbelievably excited.

It’s also quite fitting that they had wanted to create a special, Valentine’s Day themed treat, as the story behind their name comes from an adorable love story – you can read it here to experience the sweet flutters.

Now, on to what you’ve been waiting for…the brownies.

Friends, I have to say, I was surprised and overjoyed with how unique the flavor of these brownies were. They were rich, thick, and incredibly flavorful – they’re made with brown sugar, so they become more dense and chewy (the best kind of brownie, in my humble opinion), and they’re topped with a layer of ganache which not only makes them glossy and totally enchanting, but also gives them an additional texture of smooth, velvety chocolate.

Have you already started walking to the kitchen?

You can find the complete recipe here – I can’t wait for you to try them!

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