Been there, Thai’d that

Now, you know you love a place when you carry a copy of their menu in your wallet at all times (you never know when you’ll need it). Moreover, you know you’ve looked at said menu one too many times when someone else is reading it and you’re able to point, without looking, to your favorite appetizer (the crispy veggie spring rolls).

So, in a word, I’m a fan.

In a few words, I’m a huge fan who tells everyone I know about this wonderful little spot. The decor is soothing; the floor to ceiling windows invite passerbys to glance inside to the hungry guests dining along the window bar, lights hang from the walls to illuminate sculptures of Buddha, and gentle plants line the tables.

If the ambiance isn’t enough to pull you in, one look at the menu will be enough to get you through the door – the list of spicy street noodles range from curry to pad thai and everything in between.

Plus, you get to choose how much kick you’d like in your noodles. There’s a scale from 0-5. 5 for the incredibly brave, 0 for those with more sensitive tastebuds, so you can customize your meal. I generally stick to a solid 1 just so I can tell myself that I am at least a *little* impressive with my spice stamina.

My favorite dish? Chopsticks down, the Kee Mao.

The ‘Drunken Noodles’ are thick, flat, and bathed in a rich garlic and chili filled sauce, mixed with your choice of chicken, tofu, or my go-to, shrimp, and bursting with flavor. The addition of bok choy adds a refreshingly bright bite, and you can see crushed red pepper flakes poking out in between the heaps of noodles.

I’ve made my fair share of solo trips to this spot, but there are few things I enjoy more than sharing a meal with someone I care about. In addition to making huge strides in my chopstick dexterity,  I’ve made some wonderful memories with the conversations and laughs shared over giant plates of this Thai cuisine, and my appetite is eager for the more to come!

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